"You are drinking milk and I am drinking water."

Translation:Du trinkst Milch und ich trinke Wasser.

August 28, 2017



Im so confused with "trinkst", "trinke" and "trinken". I read that trinkt is in the 1st person, so why is it "Du trinkst" and "Ich trinke"? Surely this should be the other way as "I" is 1st person so "trinkt" should fit?! P.S First comment, I have been confused alot but have fought through it and resisted the temptation to ask for help....until now! App is fantastic! I've never bothered learning a language until now and I'm enjoying it!

February 6, 2018


trinkt is not correct for the first person.

Please see the tips and notes for the very first unit, which shows the typical endings for the various persons: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Basics-1

It even uses trinken as its example of a regular verb.

Unfortunately, mobile apps don't yet make the tips and notes available to everyone, so you might want to ditch the app (or use it only for reviews) and use the website on a computer to learn German, so that you can read the grammar tips and notes before each new lesson.

February 6, 2018


Ihr trinkt milch und ich trinke Wasser should also be right. Why isn't it duolingo accepting it?

June 26, 2018


Ihr trinkt Milch und ich trinke Wasser is one of the accepted alternatives. If it didn't accept it for you, I can't say why just based on what you wrote. If this happens again, a link to a screenshot would be useful.

June 26, 2018


This sentence can start with Sie also. Sie is formal

February 21, 2018


drinking means two different words ? why

November 4, 2017


Don't think of it as "drinking" translating to different things but the combinations "are drinking" and "am drinking".

Just as you can't say "I are drinking" in English, so you cannot say ich trinkst in German.

You have to pick the right verb form that matches the subject.

November 5, 2017


Thank you, that confused me alot.

December 17, 2017
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