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Hi, I've "mastered" all of the sections that are available for me to click on, but the next section is "locked" (I think it's adjectives). Is this because these levels don't exist yet in French Beta, or is it because I don't have enough points to move on? Thanks

June 27, 2012



It seems like you have your question sorted out, but I'll add something anyway. If a section is not yet available for use, you can scroll over it and it will say, along with the usual description, "Coming soon!" So if that's the problem, then you'll just have to wait. :(


It certainly exists so you either need to do the test out of the last skill exercise or report it as a bug to duolingo. If you have the cup symbol showing on all your exercises it is definitely a bug.


Yes, I have trophies for all of the first sections, and the rest are all locked.How do I report a bug to Duolingo?


@Kaimana - I suggest you start working on the general translations under the "Translations" menu. I don't want to work through the early lessons, and the higher sections seem to unlock, even though I haven't completed all the previous lessons. Perhaps it's Duolingo's way of making you do some donkey work for them in return for the free training.


Ok, I'll try that.

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