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Français weekly winner (21.08.2017-27.08.2017)

First week of the French Club "Français" has concluded and we got the first winner: Antonia Campbell-Nelson! She got an impressive 815 XP this week. Félicitations à vous! Please leave a comment below to reward you. The prize consists in 3 gems. Also good job for Kevin Breaux and Ioan Cîrstea for achiving the 2nd place with 774 XP and the 3rd place with 730 XP. This shows how the strong is the competition in this club.

After this week, I received a lot of positive feedback about this club and I want to announce that the next prize will consist in 10 gems! If you want to join in this club, you must be at least level 5 in French course and must have a minimum 7 days streak. The code to join is PSTQFW. We have also a Discord server for those who wants to practice their speaking skill: https://discord.gg/XnhZNuU.

At the end, I want to say "Merci beaucoup" to all who supported this club and to the all members who did a great job! Your help means a lot for this club and we can truly offer the best experience in learning in Duolingo! What are you waiting for? Join now in Français!

August 28, 2017

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congratulations for those winners!

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