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Help with German Grammar?

In an exercise there were two possibly correct answers:

"Ich laufe der Strasse entlang." "Ich laufe entlang die Strasse."

While I understand the second, I don't understand the former. Is it something to do with the dative case as the use of 'der' would match with that or is it a word order I haven't learnt? My problem is I wouldn't understand how it is dative as I thought that is more when you do something for or give something to somebody.

August 28, 2017



Firstly, you mixed up the cases. It is: "Ich laufe die Straße entlang." and "Ich laufe entlang der Straße."

"entlang" works both ways, either in front or after the noun affected (but with different cases for the noun) the same as "gegenüber". In the first sentence, you could also see it as the separable verb "entlanglaufen" which takes the direct object "die Straße" while in the second case "entlang" is used like a normal preposition demanding the dative.

I hope I could be of help.


It's the other way around. "Ich laufe DIE Straße entlang." and "Ich laufe entlang DER Straße." if you ask in german where then you need a Dativ. Where do I walk? along the street. that's why you change to Dativ in the second example.

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