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The pronounciation of "je vais" and "je veux"

Their pronounciations are same or at least near to each other.

In French animations an movie (they talk really fast(specially Parisians)) and you'll hear them similarly.


Je vais maner une pomme.

Je veux manger une pomme.

In French many words have similar pronounciations , like: plurals and their singular noun like: le pomme and les pommes

How can we identify them? How can we understand that "he wants to eat an apple" or "he is going to eat an apple"?

August 28, 2017



Ce n'est pas bien grave... Si tu ne comprends pas bien** tu dis « Pardon ? » et la personne répètera en articulant. Ça arrive tous les jours, même entre francophones.

Les gens bien élevés diront « Pardon ? », d'autres diront « Comment ? », « Quoi ? », « Hein ? », « T'as dit quoi ? », « J'ai rien compris ! »

** Et je parie que tu entendras la plupart du temps «j'veux» ou «j'vais».


Merci beaucoup Prenom.Pierre c'est un grand aide.


You're welcome Sofia... et c'est une "petite" aide (au féminin).

Le mot existe aussi au masculin (oui, je sais, on complique tout en France : un aide c'est un assistant (comme en anglais) ☺)


je vais = jö ve

je veux = jö vö


gracias nihilist.


For a French person they don't sound similar. You just need to train your ears I suppose.


I am not very experienced in French, that's why I have some problems. Everyone who starts learning a language for the first time will have a few problems and mistakes. My ears are fine, thanks for your concern. Are you a French native speaker? Can you reccommend me a site for French listening improvement?


I didn't mean "train your ears" in a bad way. It's actually our brains which are trained to recognize certain sounds at a very young age, and you apparently lose some of that ability when you grow up, so when you are confronted to a new language some of those sounds are indistinguishable from one another.
Most Japanese for example have a lot of trouble hearing the difference between 'r' and 'l' simply because they are not used to distinguish those sounds in their language.

But even as an adult, after enough exposure to another language you start differentiating those sounds: that's what I meant by 'train your ears'. And there are actually some vowel sounds in French which are pretty hard to identify for English speakers.

I am a French native speaker indeed. And I can't recommend any specific website, but anything where French people are speaking should be fine (be it Youtube videos, movies, news).


I am so sorry for upseting you. I thought you mean the bad way :) Yeah, French is wonderful language because these vowels make it beautiful.I'll train more to differentiate the sounds.You know learning a new languages has many ups and downs :)Merci beaucoup ☺


'Pomme' and 'pommes' sound the same (except if there is a liaison with the next word), but the determiners are very different: 'la' (not 'le' like you typed it) and 'les'. The verbs will be conjugated differently, etc.

  • The apple is red. The apples are red.

In English, you can both hear and see the difference from the final 's' of 'apple' and the verb.

  • La pomme est rouge. Les pommes sont rouges.

In French, you can both hear and see the difference from the determiner and the verb, and visually you also have the final 's' of both noun and adjective.

With a lot of practice, you should be able to tell the difference easily.


Thank you MarcD50, I have to practice more :)


Merhaba, Türkçe'de hangi seviyedesiniz ?


Merhaba. I am still learning the basics (about half of the tree).


Anladım, kolay gelsin.


They sound different to me v,: Although I've been doing French for many years...


I don't see how they sound similar. They sound different to me, as a French learner.


Yes, I should train more listening :)


vais is vee. Veux is the same as meuble.


Not exactly: [vø] and [mœbl]. In 'meuble', the 'eu' sound is more open.

'Vais' can be pronounced either [ve] or [vɛ]. The second one is more open.


vais rhymes with vase (or sounds like it) and veux rhymes with le (the french word)

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