"It is the hundredth dog."

Translation:E al o sutălea câine.

August 28, 2017



Why "al o" and not "a"?

August 28, 2017


You have to use the article "al" because the related noun ("câine") is masculine (you use the same article for neuter nouns), as opposed to the form "a" which is used for counting feminine nouns.

The word "o" comes from the numeral "o sută" (one hundred). Unlike English, Romanian does not drop the "o" (= one) part in the ordinal form of the number: al o sutălea (m, n), a o suta (f) = the hundredth.

August 28, 2017


That made sense until i hust came across a sentence with 'the hundreth (feminine noun)' where in the romanian, o was not included with suta. Should that be reported?

August 13, 2018


Depends on the sentence.

January 10, 2019
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