"Where are my luggage?"

Translation:Mizigo yangu ipo wapi?

August 28, 2017

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a better English translation would be "where are my bags?" or "suitcases?"


Yeah, or "Where is my luggage?" I hope you're reporting these problems too and not just writing comments. ;-)


As far as I can see, there are only two places to report. "Report a Problem," which is a pre-populated list of problems, and "Discuss Sentence" which bring us here. Is there some other place to report issues? I am already using both of those.


Discuss sentence doesn't really count as reporting, as the team don't check the comments. They are however checking reports, but there are so many and they are busy with non-Duo things it often seems like they aren't. I do get messages every so often though that they are accepting some of my sentences, so I know they are.

Report a problem is where you should report. It used to have an "other" option, where you could state the issue, but with the site change they haven't gotten around to re-implementing that. In the meantime just go with the closest fit, even if it isn't correct. Flagging that there is a problem somewhere is better than not flagging at all.

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