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What do you like about England and the English language?

This discussion is for Duolingo users to say what they like about England, and the English language. Also, anyone wanting to practice English can do so here!

August 28, 2017



Everything. I love the county. The nature is incredibly beautiful and the cities, towns and villages have their own charming aura to them. The people are incredibly friendly. English history is fascinating. I even think the English cuisine is not as bad as its reputation and am a frequent customer of the British supermarket here in Vienna.

English is probably my favourite language - but it's a close tie with Russian. I think that British English sounds extremely elegant and is a pleasure to listen to. I generally like English a lot because it is relatively easy to learn (for me as a native speaker of German at least), sounds really nice, is very useful and a language of science, art and ĺiterature. English opens a whole new world in all of these areas as most of the publications nowadays are in English. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of opportunities to practice my English and therefore my abilities to express myself in this beloved language of mine are deteriorating but i do try to watch and read something in English everyday.


Is it too stereotypical to say tea? It's just almost impossible to get a good cup of (English-style) tea in a cafe outside of England lol.

As for the English language, do you mean vs say American English, or just the language in general? Generally, I guess I'm just happy English is my native language, because from trying to learn other languages I can say I'm very glad I don't have to learn English again!


Best beer in the world for the country (arguably tied with Germany) and the vast amount of homonyms for the language.


Not taking Belgium into account, obviously. :D


It's my favorite language :-) and i love it mainly because it's so pretty and 'soft sounding'. You can also say loads of things (it's raining cats and dogs etc...)


I love English language although it is not my home language i learn other languages in English !I feel it is a big part in my life I wish i could speak English as a native speaker :)


I love there ascent! its so amazing!!


I love how English is so irregular in its pronunciation and spelling. It's notorious for that. Even if you're an English speaker, you can't accurately spell or pronounce a word sometimes. Take these words for example:

Dough, tough, through, thorough.

One poet said that "ghoti" spells fish. The "gh" from enough is the 'f', the "o" in women is the 'i', the "ti" from information is the 'sh'. Shows how irregular English is, but that's what makes it unique!


I'm not from England and I've never been there, but I would like to one day. It seems nice and I love to read about its history and folklore, along with modern events. I like English because it's so much easier than any language I've tried to learn, and it's my native language:)


England, I would say that it has a beautiful countryside, although I haven't been there yet, just seen it on TV. I would prefer visiting it than say visiting a city such as London.Also very interesting history and literature!. English I would say connects a lot of people together as a shared language, since many people are learning it, or speak it.


Hey, Liz! Sorry that I didn't write you! My discussion wasn't working or even coming up, but I finally got it to work thankfully! I LOVE English accents! They're so beautiful sounding! U have one I bet, right? What does England look like BTW? I have no idea! That's so cool! In your opinion what do Americans sound like? Brash in their speaking or what? I've always wondered! So glad I can chat with you now and sorry for the really long wait!♥♥♥


I like british english, cute old english towns and villages, and fish and chips, especially the strange vinegar they have there.


Fish and chips are a must in England!!!! And vinegar goes so well with them, you're right...I wonder if 'fish and chips' appears on the Duolingo English course?


We do lots of different curriculums. For Science, I do A Beka, for English, Reading, and History I do CLE, for Math, we do Teaching textbooks, which is on the computer and I really like it. It makes learning so fun and you have "buddies" to choose from to cheer you on and stuff. I really like it! This is my first week of school so it's hard to tell if what subj. is my favorite, but History is so interesting, I like Reading, and Math. So far Science is fun but soon instead of learning about the stars and stuff I'll be learning about lots of harder stuff that don't sound so fun. But I like school! Spanish especially! (Let's make sure our conversation doesn't wander too far from Duolingo Spanish because if so then the people in charge will block us and we won't be able to chat. I was chatting with another girl and we had some awesome conversation, but then they separated us. If we want to get to know each other more or become friends, maybe we could e-mail or write each other. What do you think?



Check it out and favorite it!♥♥♥


Did you get my e-mails yet???

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