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Babies learn language by hearing and seeing. Wouldn't that be good for us?

At least to start?

I purposely started learning French via Compact Discs while commuting in my car. I proceeded next to person-to-person meetups. My fear was that my pronunciation would be corrupted by seeing the written words and sub-consciously applying English pronunciations. Think about all the times you were laughed at for mispronouncing a word from your own native tongue simply because you had only read it?

I enjoyed the process and ran through all the CDs in my well stocked library system. I would have liked to have gone farther that way but ran out of my level CDs.

It meant that I was essentially illiterate in French. Which for me would be fine as my primary goal was to be able to be understood speaking and understand listening French while visiting France.

At the person to person meetups I struggled because I still lacked sufficient vocabulary. At meetups I learned about duolingo. Discovering the actual spellings of French words was sometimes laughably funny.

So here is what I would like some opinions on:

Would aural only versions of the duolingo questions and lessons be potentially helpful as regards the introduction of new words? The first hearings of words are such critical opportunities for learning.

For duolingo lessons I would think there could be both entire lessons without written words and/or options to turn on the written versions when desired.

August 28, 2017



If you only want to speak, then aural lessons are an option. If you want to speak and write, then il faut learn both. I don't find that learning to read has interfered with my speaking, but in French reading a word often isn't enough to know how it's pronounced. The letter «a» in particular I seem to have trouble.


The first thing I did in French was learn to read French, and get the pronunciation to an almost-correct level. The pronunciation is childish compared to English, so after you get the gist of several rules, voilà! Then the speaking and listening part of French becomes wildly easier. Try it out! :)


It's good to hear that it's easier than English. But English is so badly written that it would be hard for it not to be.


maybe, but for babies it also takes a longer time to learn the language than us.


bien sur, pour le bebe, mais nous parlon deja un autre lange.

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