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"Această mulțime are multe grupuri mici."

Translation:This crowd has many small groups.

August 28, 2017



is this sentence normal in Romanian ?I mean isn't there another verb than " to have " ? for instance " made of " " in French "compose" cette foule est composée de plusieurs petits groupes. I'm asking this so as not to use " to have" all the time. and also because every time i try to get away from the literal translation I get " wrong" from DUO.


Not a native speakerbut I believe you could use "este/e compus din" or "este/e constituit din" instead of "are". There are also other verbs, but they may have different subtle variances of meaning for "made (up) of", I woukd think, and may not all work in this sentence.

This course isn't even close to complete vocabulary-wise. I imagine it is easier to stick to a small number of verbs that are used most often especially when the verb itself isn't the subject of the lesson.


Yes, ur right. Something like Aceasta multime este compusa / formata din (other verbs may work as well, just like JABL-BCL said. ^^

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