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How do you move to a lower % while doing exercises?

Sorry, but I need to vent this: I chose to do 30 XP/day and had some ago time completed all exercises, and am basically just re-doing the same ones over and over, but I'm doing them. I had reached 58% and had been at this level for about 2 weeks, with 50+ consecutive days of at least, usually more than, 30XP. One day I decided, rather than doing the same strengthening exercises again, to simply start at the top. Some time during my exercises a window popped up confirming I was now at 58%. I had been there for 2 weeks already! I completed 120 XP that day, and when I finished I looked at my status and it said I now have 57%. So while doing 4x my daily XPs, I found myself demoted to a lower level than what I started out with? I'm thoroughly demotivated now.

August 28, 2017



Directions for using the fluency meter:

  1. Ignore it.
  2. When you can't ignore it, vent your rage on it in a language of your choice, preferably the one it's telling you that you're 1% fluent in despite long weeks and months of practice.


You forgot:

3: Expunge its existence from your memory because it does not deserve to be in there.


:D Right! I wish Duo would fix it though. It could be a really useful tool . . . if only it worked.


Yeah. I was so excited when I saw I was a quarter fluent in French, and then later I learned it was inaccurate. :'(


The fluency meter is inaccurate and most people ignore it


I fully agree with you. It is a infantilizing tool. Duolingo has achieved much better things.

I suggest sticking a post-it on the screen, or a picture of a person you like a lot, in place of the percentage.


That's such a cute idea



Why a picture/post it note? Is that simply a way of blocking it, so that you don't fool yourself into thinking that you are whatever% fluent?


I found myself demoted to a lower level than what I started out with? I'm thoroughly demotivated now.

Hi, the fluency score will fluctuate from time to time, depending on how often and what material you've practiced. Usually, the percentage will max out between 50% and 60% fluent, but users have achieved higher and lower fluency scores. It's solely based on the accuracy of your answers, and the progress you've made in that specific course.

Here's an article from Duolingo's Help Center explaining what the fluency score means:


At your level, there is a lot to forget, even if all your skills are uptodate!

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