"Nu ne uităm pe orar."

Translation:We do not look on the schedule.

August 28, 2017

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shouldn't it be " look AT the schedule" instead of " ON " ? I'm looking ON you is not the same as I'm looking AT you. Or am I mistaken ? Doesn't to look on... means to take care, to protect and to look at means, well, to watch with intensity ?? Thanks.


I believe some of the distinctions of at/on in English are not idiomatically accurate. We look 'at' most concrete things. 'On' is more figurative. A king or queen looks on his/her people. You can 'look on' the situation with disapproval. God looks on us with love. Otherwise "let me see the schedule. I am looking at the schedule!". I was wondering why it didn't have the 'orarul' construction since it is 'the schedule'.


Very good explanation.


I think because it's preceded by a preposition, 'pe'. Like 'pe masă' - on the table.


So, would the translation for "We do not look AT the schedule" be: "Nu ne uităm la orar"?


Should be at, not on


look AT the schedule/timetable. All the above discussion of "on" is confusing nonsense. looking on is NOT looking at.


In English, we would look 'at' the schedule (though 'timetable' would be a more natural word to use) but would look 'on' the menu (for example) for something to eat. We would look 'at' our diary, but 'on' our ticket. And, to confuse matters further, we could look 'at' or 'on' our bank statement to find an entry!


Actually I think you'd use "at" in all the situations you describe. And generally one looks "over" one's bank statement. Though is being slightly pedantic.

  • though that is being


This is typical Romanian English, not just in Duolingo. My Romanian coworkers will also say that they will look on something, when they mean 'at'. It's because of the 'pe'.


It almost always would be "timetable" in UK


I would look IN the schedule


"We don't look on schedule" means "It looks like we're late," perhaps?

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