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Homeschooling 1 student

Is there a simple way for my student (daughter) and I (the mom and teacher) to share an account using just one email? I would like to use the program too separately from my daughter. Thanks!

August 28, 2017



If you want your progress to be tracked separately from your daughter, you'll need two accounts.

Many email providers will let you do a variant of your email address by adding "+" then another segment. For example, if your email address is "elmo@gmail.com" you can sign up for another Duolingo account using "elmo+student@gmail.com" (the 'student' part is totally arbitrary... you can put anything there and your email provider should still send it to your main 'elmo' email address). Might be worth giving that a shot, then set up a classroom from your main email address, and add the variant as a student.

I hope that clears it up, but I could see if that would be a bit confusing. Please let me know how it goes for you!


No, you have to have two separate emails. iCloud is very useful for your children. You can have a family account with sub-accounts. It's quite easy to set up.


I just created a homeschool classroom for my 2 daughters and when I created an account for them it gave me the option of not needing an email address for them. It auto-generated a username/password.


How did you create a home school classroom?

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