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making own-built duolingo lessons for school teaching?...

Hello dear Luis, hello Duolingo staff, I am using your precious work here since some years, and I have to say I am happy with it. Since then, I have learned some French, from which I had absolutely no knowledge before, resurrected some old school Russian in my head and so on. I am lucky about knowing English on a level so that I can use most of the courses here. You do a great job here, congratulations!

I am a teacher of German in real life, and it would be often useful to use some lessions of Duolingo in the class, but the trouble is, that my pupils have Hungarian mother tongue and are therefore unable to make use of some good German lessions I could show them for exercising. As time goes on, I see newer courses newly built by volunteers, but no one builds for example a German course for Hungarians. I applied myself to help build one, but it did not started. It is understandable because of the low number of Hungarians in the world... but there is a Klingon course, too, for example... with some lower number of potential users, I think. My Idea would be... if possible, you could perhaps make a course building tool just for teachers, so for example people in the schools could build some exercises usable for their work with the students, it could be perhaps also useful for your work in building the "serious" courses here, if you build the things built by teachers into your courses later. I am sorry for my not-so-perfect English, I hardly ever use it these days for communication, but I hope it was understandable.

Thank you folks, and go on with the great work on Duolingo. I love it!

August 28, 2017



Thanks for the idea! While that is not a feature, have you thought of giving Tinycards a try? You can create your own decks, and going through them is very similar to doing a lesson on Duolingo! =]

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