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Currency: More stuff, or fewer lingots.

I know this topic has been touched upon before, but I continuously get bored with lingots, and how they have very little purpose. I also know that Duo is prioritizing what they work and doing the important stuff first. However, most of this stuff is behind the scenes, and has nothing to do with the thousands of Users on Duo. Even if they do though, the majority if the users are disagreeing, because some of the updates haven't been that great. So, it would be nice if the Admin of Duo would look upon what we think and are asking to make a couple of outward appearances for us to enjoy.

Games are fun, such as the XP contests, Tree finishes, and so on, for the purpose of the challenge itself, and for the reward of winning. However, they aren't as fun, because about the only thing people win are Lingots, and virtually nobody (except for those just starting), need more lingots. If there was something that could be done so these things would be more fun and motivational to go with the learning, then I'm all for it. So I propose a couple suggestions, 1 of which is always being mentioned upon: More stuff in the lingot store. I know this is a hard proposition, seeing as there isn't many more things too add into the store, but I know there are creative minds out there. Maybe a selection of Duo Owls, both Male and Female. I'm sure something could be thought of.

Another thing is less lingots. If we were limited, or reduced the amount of lingots we are given, then they'd be more valuable, and more people would want them and do stuff to earn them, e.g. entering games and having fun.


Maybe we could use the lingots we earn to unlock the next skills in our Tree, or every other skill, or so on. Then we would be constantly using up Lingots, and needing more, for stuff in the lingot store, therefore needing to find a way to get more quickly, or stuck waiting until we earn more. It would also force users to review some lessons, instead of just moving onto another skill right away. It would force them because, if they didn't have enough lingots to move on to another skill, they'd need to review some lessons to level up and earn some to unlock the next lesson. This may not be the best example, but it is a suggestion, and that's the point of this right now.

Of course, as always, if we want even the slightest chance of being noticed, we need a lot of Up-votes. So please up-vote, and comment on what you think.

August 28, 2017



I personally want waaaaaaaaay more bonus skills. The only two they have now are useless.


There are actually 3 bonus skills: at Christmas, another bonus skill called "Christmas" appears


this i so true, i just joined in the last month and i thought so to... when i first saw the store i was like... this is all??? i thought there would be more fun stuff to earn!! they need to make it more fun like some other apps i have heard of...


As someone who's been here two weeks, I'm not even sure the people just starting need more lingots. I have 59 of the things, and the only two uses I've found for them are to bet (and get more of the darn things) or give them away in the comments...

from what I understand they're moving from red stones to blue stones. They're also useless it seems. I have nearly 1300 of them, and equally little to spend them on lol - can't even give them away!

I heard you used to be able to use the shiney stones to buy outfits for your avatar? to be honest, even that seems far more useful than what they currently have lol

sadly with the apparent move to the blue gems that cost money, I don't see them using either stones to unlock main course content as then it could be said to be "freemium" instead of free. To be honest I get the impression that Duo just has very big ambitions for quite a small team, so they have to balance adding language course content with the peripheral stuff, and it's getting a bit half arsed. With it all being a bit confusing right now, it might just be worth taking a month off of whatever dev teams are hopping between, just finish whatever they're doing with the gems and store and what not, and then forget about it and get back on with adding language content.

Right now it feels from the outside like if you were a developer at Duo, on Monday you'd be doing some content for your native language tree, on Tuesday website maintenance, Wednesday a new side project experiment, Thursday working on the new store, friday one of the mobile apps, etc. Basically rather than assign a team, finish a project reassign the team with a little flexibility, they seem to have a hundred pots on the stove and 12 cooks running laps of the kitchen stirring them.


What is this blue gems you speak of? I have never seen any blue gems, but have been around quite awhile. Are you talking about the gems on IOS?


That's exactly what he's talking about.


I have upvoted ;) I have...wait for it.........4054 lingots!!!!!!!!


That is a lot! If only there were more things to use them on besides to just collect them.

For a moment, I actually thought you gave those lingots to me, lol.


fewer lingots, not less. countable nouns require the use of fewer.


Actually, in English, there are many words that can be used for the same thing, and in place of other words. Less can be used, and isn't wrong, though fewer sounds more professional.


I totally agree with JackMartain. I 'only' have 79 lingots, but they're pretty useless for me too. It's time someone did something. I like your ideas too, and I've 'upped' the vote button


Thanks a lot! 21 up-votes may seem like a lot, but I think to get noticed we need like 400, lol. Now, if this were stickied ;), then we'd eventually make it over time. But soon nobody will see this discussion anymore, and it will stop.


How do you only have 79. You're level 16 in French. I have 768 of the little red stones.


I've never had a very long streak!!!


Well yes, but look at how many languages you are learning compared to how many she is learning. You get more the more languages you do.


This idea of spending Lingots for the next skill is closely related to the health and gems system, in my opinion. People objected to that. If you can come up with a reason that this is improved than I'm all for it. Good ideas though.


I think it is more health than gems. If the health wasn't there than the gems would be a little better off. And my idea of using lingots to unlock new skills isn't quite the same as the health and gems feature. But yes, it isn't a compete idea, and should have a little more depth to it.


Of course there are small differences, but I would predict that people would object to it for the same reasons.


Realistically, what they're going to do is raise the costs of things in the lingot store. I suspect the increase in streak freeze price to 200 lingots, while perhaps an accident at this moment, presages a real change.


Yes, I've heard a lot of people recently say how expensive things have become!!! Personally, I dont' think that's the best solution to the lingot problem


I like your ideas!


You have my vote.

If we were voting, that is.


Yes, we are voting. Go ahead and up-vote, if you haven't already.


Personally, I like having 800 lingots, but you are right, they are useless.


Yeah, it is cool to be able to see how many we can gather, or try and get a couple thousand, but it would also be nice to be able to spend them in some way. Besides, if there was more ways to spend them, and the lingots would be way more useful, then those 800 lingots would seem even more precious to you.


Absolutely right!


So... My store currently shows bonus skills cost at 1000 lingot. One thousand. Is that just me?

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