I was wrong with "nous aimons jusqu a la viande" The response was "no aimons essayer la viande. I followed the suggestions the best I could, but it was the first time for essayer

August 29, 2017


Nous - we

Aimons - (we) like

Essayer - to try

La - the

Viande - meat

We like to try the meat. Hope it helps.

jusqu'à is a preposition which means until/up to

essayer is a verb which means to try

"We like to try the meat" = "Nous aimons essayer la viande"

There is no reason to use jusqu'à in this sentence

the question was "we like to grill the meat" so I guess to try can also mean to grill in this case.

We like to grill the meat = Nous aimons griller la viande.

I was not able to find that sentence in the course, but I found 'I like to grill the meat'. Here it is: Translation: 'J'aime griller la viande.'

No, 'essayer' is not a valid answer.

The problem (if there was any) must have been different.

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