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I am leaving Duo

After more than 2 years of sticking faithfully i am finally leaving, duo lingo has taught me a great deal, just not quite enough, i have been inactive for quite some time, and i just don't think its worth it. Gems and health catch up to you after a while; and I've been scared to check my android device, in case its been "updated", its been fun, neither immersion or activity were perfect but they were good enough for me. I have vented my frustration via this discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22390850 and have gotten great positive feedback from other users, however it seems like the staff aren't listening to us plebeians, for me, I've had enough. thanks guys for your support. I've got plenty of spare lingots, and i can give them away, to counteract with gems, thanks again, bye, Sunwolves

thanks guys, I'm not even sure I've come across all of you in my time here, but thanks anyway :P

August 29, 2017



Think of it as graduation. This 'school' can only teach you so much. If you want to keep learning, you need to find a more advanced 'school'.

Good luck!


Goodbye :( I have to admit, while I love duolingo, its frequent changes are a bit infuriating. Anyway, bye, I hope you have fun without duolingo. D':


Awww. Goodbye! I wish you luck on your future language learning endeavors!


Sorry to see you go, 2 years is quite a record, but if you think it's time to pull the Duo plug ... I understand. Besides you can always come back if you really want to.


I leave all the time.


sad to see you go :(


I would appreciate some extra lingots if you got them!


Thanks, buddy! ;)


Sunwolves, I completely understand. Enjoy the new ways to practice and learn languages, in places where your voice is heard. Duolingo has lost much in that regard.


Goodbye! I understand why duolingo hasn't learned you enough. I always thought that I don't learn much french now I've finished my tree. Good luck and bye!


Best of luck with your studies!

I'm too new to know most of the things you speak of, but I actually like the health system (but yeah, gems are pointless it seems).


Good luck wherever you will go next. :) The android device is totally fine though, at least for me. You could also try the mobile version of duolingo.


Duolingo Users, they grow so fast...

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