"You all are drinking coffee."

Translation:Ihr trinkt Kaffee.

August 29, 2017



Word All is here unnecessary and confusing

September 9, 2017


You threw an extra word in the German sentence. I interpreted that to mean together. "All."

August 29, 2017

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It's this method to show that it's a group of people. Y'all - you all. Otherwise you might never learn the difference between you, you and you (informal, formal and a group).

October 25, 2017


In English you might say, "All of you are drinking Coffee!!

August 29, 2017


Or 'you are all drinking coffee'

October 6, 2017


I answered "Ihr alle trinkt Kaffee" and it said that I am wrong So what did I do wrong

November 6, 2017


so when i first got this question i wrote: "du alle trinkt kaffee' which is quite obviously incorrect, and it said that the correct answer was "du trinken kaffee", so when i came to do it again, i put said solution, and it said that it was actually "ihr trinkt kaffe". what the hell?

October 2, 2017


I am not an English native, but I heard in movies a "y'all" sometimes... Is that wrong? I thought this is the context in the sentence.

November 30, 2017


What happens to "all" then

December 3, 2017
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