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Google Translate: Friend or Foe

Heloo SkeleGangsters! You all have used google translate to do at least one thing whether in your Spanish class or to just not be bored. Google translate may look reliable, but, not everything on there is accurate. My proper noun peeps, watch out. Although google is known to be able to translate around 50 languages, they do seem to get some nouns and verbs mixed up. For example you may write: Batman is leaving Gotham. but in French it may result in: Batman is about to leave Gotham. It's not too bad, as i see it, but it is not able to "comprehend idiomatic (containing expressions used by native speakers.) expressions as well as a few phrasal ( containing a phrase) verbs" as one english teacher puts it. On the bright side, if you are only needing a sentence to type in, Google translate is definitely the way to go. If you can nail down the translation, and use precision of words, this is definitely for you. So, in conclusion, Google translate is a friend, but just not a good one. Signing off for now, -SkeleGang

https://www.reddit.com/r/explainlikeimfive/comments/3yhbnp/eli5_why_exactly_is_google_translate_bad/ https://www.digitaltrends.com/web/how-accurate-is-google-translate/

August 29, 2017



Unreliable friend.


Friend, but use with caution. With individual words it has helped me many times, but in case of multiple meanings and certainly in sentences, WordReference is the site.


Exactly.. I tried to get the translation of 'My dog has herpes' in Lithuanian' and it came out as 'Grandma's house smells like cabbage'.


I don't know Spanish, but I've never had a reliable translation from google. I would say it's useful if you find something you don't understand and want a rough translation into your language to get the rough meaning, but I certainly wouldn't translate from my language to a target language.

[deactivated user]

    I wouldn't call google translate an unreliable friend nor would I say its not a good friend. I would say it is a limited friend. In order to make the best use of this friend, you have to understand its limits first. It's great for getting you in the ballpark, but there's often more than 1 meaning to many words, and google tends to use the wrong one more often than it should.


    Tiene toda la razפn!


    it gets all the numbers wrong if you try spelling them out


    Google translate is an unreliable friend. Use it with caution. My teacher recommends wordreference


    In my experience the quality depends quite a lot on the languages that it is used for. Between English and Swedish it is quite alright, but between German and Swedish it is useless.


    Depends on the language. The further the lexical or grammatical similarity between the two languages, then it isn't your friend. But it's reliable for finding individual words. :)


    Google translate never gets things exactly right! Anyway, you're not really meant to check duolingo sentences at google translate.

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