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"Churches are religious buildings."

Translation:Les églises sont des bâtiments religieux.

August 29, 2017



why not "les" batiments if it is "les" eglises?


As noted below, it is "les" églises because it is a general statement (in English we don't require definite articles for plural nouns, but we do for singular nouns "Snakes are dangerous animals/The snake is a dangerous animal").

To use "les", you would already have to be talking about specific buildings, but this sentence is completely out of context.

"Des" here is NOT "de + les", but the plural of "un".


So why is bâtiments not a general bâtiment much like égalises?


This is a bit of a guess on my part, but I think that it is des bâtiments because only a subset of religious buildings are churches, not all religious buildings are churches.


Des églises sont des bâtiments religieux. (Why this is incorrect here)


Because when we say Churches are ..., it means all the churches or churches in general. This is translated by Les églises in French.

If you said Des églises, it would mean Some churches


is there a difference between batiments and immeubles?

[deactivated user]

    They are synonyms:


    What about édifice?


    An immeuble is specifically a large building, usually an apartment building. You wouldn't call a regular two-story house an immeuble but you might call it a bâtiment.


    Why don't you have a French flag on your progress? You're a native and saw this discussion in the forums?


    (Problème de prononciation du mot 'bâtiments')


    I used Les églises and des bâtiments needless to say I was marked wrong amd do not know why


    That's correct. If you were marked wrong you must have written something different.

    Assuming what you wrote was "Des églises sont les bâtiments religieux". The translation of that would be something like "Some of the churches are the religious buildings" which of course makes absolutely no sense. The reason it's "LES églises" is because we're talking about all churches as a concept.

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