How can I freeze my scores while taking holidays?

August 29, 2017


You cant freeze a streak for more than a day

Your gold lessons will automatically degrade over time, there is not way to stop this however you can review or redo them when you get back to get them up to gold again

Your percentage score may or may not go down, it is extremely unreliable and inaccurate so most people just ignore it

Get a cheap mobile phone in the country you are going to for practicing on the app? The app also offers a weekend freeze for some holidays; sorry it is not for longer.

It is not discussed....however, you could give someone access and have them complete the minimum needed to carry the day. They could also simply purchase the streak freeze for you each day. Here is a Lingot toward that end. :)

You can't! I find it very annoying!

Pretty short-sighted that this facility was not provisioned by Duolingo. Guess I'll be giving up when i go on holiday and not restarting.

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