Why have Duo removed the Quiz?

Why have Duo removed the Quiz, yet there is still a menu item under my profile name to go to 'quiz history'????

I see no reason to remove something that once existed and would always be a useful aid to learning. Duo needs more content, not less...


What about creating puzzles to solve? Everybody loves completing puzzles and obtaining a score at the end. And speed reaction typing games too. that would be cool.

August 29, 2017


Here's how to get the quiz back:

Go to the discussions forum.

Press F12, which should take you to the browser console.

Type in the console,


It will reply


Go to the homepage

Go to the lingot store, and take the test!

August 29, 2017

Hi Woof,

No, this does not work anymore since mid of 03/2018!!!

The hidden lingot store quiz item may return, but you can not START the quiz and you will lose all your spent lingots!

There was a thread talking about this in March/April 2018!

However, staff has introduced the QUIZ as a Plus feature and several A/B tests are going on.

I wrote about it in this thread:

June 9, 2018

Why have Duo removed the Quiz,

Because this was on the old Python 2016 web portal.

They rolled-out the new Scala web portal in 02/2017 and they did not re-engineer the "progress quiz".

However, from 02/2017-03/2018 it was possible to use the mentioned "whitelist workaround" and go back to the hidden old Python 2016 web portal code, so you could get the still available, but hidden, Python code back.

All newer Quiz A/B test threads have in common, that users are either a Plus member or accessing the quiz on a different device like Ipad.

I am not sure if this "progress quiz" and several A/B tests is back for the web portal and if a new code has been yet re-engineered for their web users....

June 9, 2018

They removed it to make the brand new updates easier. It will come back just more upgraded and newer.

August 29, 2017
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