"Ceasurile au baterii."

Translation:The clocks have batteries.

August 29, 2017

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singular: baterie / bateria
plural: baterii / bateriile

(so no article here, in case you have wondered like me)


I put "watches" instead of clocks and it was marked wrong.


I put this "the watches have batteries" and was marked correct

However.. the first time around I put "the watches have the batteries" and was marked wrong

So... "baterii" should mean "the batteries".

There is a scenario in which "the batteries" make sense here. Namely, someone buys batteries to put in watches (or clocks) -- meaning they bought THE BATTERIES -- then reports to their boss that the batteries had been installed

Just having "batteries" would not make sense in that scenario, because the boss would want to know whether THE batteries that had been purchased were installed.


Please don't penalise us Brits (southern anyway) we say the clocks have batteries, and don't put 'got' in the sentence... I see it's correct at the top of the page, but on the feed back I got it wrong by saying not saying got.

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