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"Probabilmente non prima di ottobre."

Translation:Probably not before October.

August 29, 2017



today i tried likely and probably. both were marked wrong. it must be "possibly". Why?


sorry: "likely" and "possibly" were regarded as wrong. "Probably" is the only correct answer. That's weird.


Probabilmente (probabile+mente) = probably / perhaps / possibly / maybe
Probabile = probabel / presumable / likely

-mente (from Latin mēns = mind/thought) is used to form adverbs from adjectives (~ as in English -wise, -ly, -ally)


In the translation I wrote "maybe" instead of "probably" and I got it wrong. I understand there are other words to say "maybe" in Italian but the word "probably" is pretty synonymous. So the translation "Maybe not before October" should be an acceptable answer.


In Italian probabilmente conveys a slightly higher probability than forse.
Most dictionaries translate probabilmente as 'probably' or 'likely', and forse as 'maybe', or 'perhaps'.
Probabilmente (rather than forse ) this is why 'maybe' was not accepted. Indeed, a bit strict, but linguistically correct.

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