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καφες and καφε ?!!

What is the difference between καφες and καφε ? Is there any ?

August 29, 2017



Greek nouns decline for 4 cases: Nominative, accusative, genitive and vocative (though vocative is not that important, especially for inanimate nouns like "coffee").

καφές is used for nominative (whenever it's the subject of the sentence) and καφέ is used for all other cases (whenever it's not the subject).

For instance:

Ο καφές είναι καλός - Coffee is good (subject of the sentence: nominative)

Εγώ πίνω καφέ - i drink coffee (object of the sentence: accusative)

Το χρώμα του καφέ είναι καφέ - the color of coffee is brown (possessor of a noun: genitive)

καφέ is also an invariable adjective meaning "brown"


To add about these nouns: It is not right to say καφέ in nominative, ο καφέ, unless there is a trade mark from a foreign language, ο ......καφέ.

These nouns in -ές are always masculine, o καφές, ο χαφιές (the spy, colloquial), ο χασές (a kind of cotton textile), o πουρές (the puree), etc. They are foreign words integrated to the Greek language, so much that they follow the Greek rules in declension. They add one more syllable in the plural. So:


o καφές

του καφέ

τον καφέ



οι καφέδες

των καφέδων

τους καφέδες


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