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  5. Don't forget about us! :-)


Don't forget about us! :-)

Has anyone heard from the contributors? I appreciate the hard work that has been done for the Swahili lessons. I am not here to complain about the completion. Just curious on a new ETA (even if it is a year out). I ask because we haven't heard from them in 2 months.

P.S. Take your time! The Swahili course is amazing. So no pressure. Just want to know if this is still on the list of priorities

August 29, 2017



Are you talking about the audio? Hopefully they give some information on that soon and it is just a delay. The last post says they will add them in the next week or two and that was three months ago. But there are languages with little or no audio and ones which the audio seems to have disappeared from without explanation. I hope this isn't becoming a thing because a course without audio is not much use in my opinion.


I agree, this is the most pressing issue in my opinion. Additional sentences to translate would be nice, but I feel that the Swahili course already does well giving a proper foundation to Swahili.

On the other hand as you said, a course without audio is not much use. It is crucial to be able to listen to the language, and at the moment we must be looking elsewhere to listen to spoken Swahili, which is often spoken much more quickly than what a learner might prefer to listen to.


Yea I was referring to audio and just updates in general. I have been working on the beta since its release. The Dev group gave regular updates and informed us of delays. I was posting because I was concerned about them going dark on us.

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