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Bottom menu is hard to reach on pages that autoload when scrolling (infinite scrolling)

... The easiest way is to go to a page that doesn't autoscroll.

Can there be a turn autoload off (well, toggle) or a way to reach that menu from the top menu or from the right menu?

This includes pages with lists (discusion post list, list of immersion pages to translate) and really long pages like a translation page which is huge (a book or something) that continues to load until the end.

Oh, on another note, really large documents are insane on a slow connection (especially on mobile). If you have to get to a specific sentence, it takes forever to get down far enough and you have to reload everything again. This pretty much happens evey time I click off the page, because I'm on mobile and have to reload page... so, can there be another format to translate? Maybe tage ever sentence so they can be loaded individually rather than the entire document (if they arent already, I realize that may be a lot of work).That way you could actually translated sentence by sentence rather than sentence by sentence within the entire document. I think for context only the article title, previous and next sentence would be necessary to load. Actually, if you did this, maybe it could be stuck onto the app too if it's not already (or in the works).

March 30, 2014


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