"Mchezo unachezeka"

Translation:The game is playable

August 29, 2017

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"is playable" is the same as "can be played." In different contexts, either could be correct.


Hmm, yeah ... in meaning, I'm inclined to agree, but there is also a way to say "the game can be played" literally in Swahili: Mchezo unaweza kuchezwa. While I agree that generally, free translation should be encouraged here - as long as the same meaning is reached, I also understand arguments for keeping possible answers structurally close to the original where possible. That way you really do have to learn both structures.


Why not simply "the game is (being) played?"


I think that would be "Mchezo unachezwa", according to the example above ("kuchezwa" = to be played).

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