"Hoe gaat het? Goed, dank je."

Translation:How are you? Fine, thanks.

1 year ago



This is like Afrikaans

1 year ago

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Why couldn't "how goes it" be correct?

1 year ago


Just sounds incorrect to me. I think the sentence structure is off so it would have to be how is it going

1 month ago


What does 'het' actually mean. It appears to mean so many different words. How can we tell the difference between, 'How is it going?' and 'How are you?' in Dutch, they look the same and I can't understand where the 'you' or 'going' are coming from in these examples. Thanks

3 weeks ago


"Het" means "it" ❤❤❤ gaat het = (literally) How goes it

2 weeks ago

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It's like Norsk Bokmål. They ask 'hvordan gar det' and Dutch ask '❤❤❤ gaat het'. I might be wrong about Dutch, but the one in norsk literally translates to "how goes it".

1 year ago


Does it mean "❤❤❤ gaat het" means both "how are you" and "how is it going" ?

4 months ago


what is the difference between dank je and dank je wel

3 months ago


They are the same, the latter is more formal.

3 months ago
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