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  5. "Takataka hazizoleki"

"Takataka hazizoleki"

Translation:The garbage cannot be gathered

August 29, 2017



Again, there is no reason that using the article "the" cannot be acceptable


No, there isn't except that they simply didn't add it. Did you file a report?


The Glosbe dictionary says -zolea is "get used to" and that -zoleka is then "be customary/be usual". From that, I would understand this sentence as "Garbage cannot be usual" (or perhaps "Garbage is not something you can get used to"). Is there something I'm not getting?


Two different verbs are being confused here: KUZOA and KUZOEA. Kuzoa means to take away (often a bunch of smaller things that have been collected together). So, kuzoa takaka - to collect/take away the trash/garbage. From this root comes -ZOLEKA and the negative form -ZOLEKI. "Takataka hazizoleki" - the trash could not be collected/taken away, etc.

KUZOEA means to get accustomed or to get used to something, become familiar with something, to do something habitually. There are also many forms of this verb: ZOELEKA is the equivalent form but I have not personally seen or heard it used. ZOEANA is fairly frequent -- "get used to each other, become familiar with each other."

The two verbs, though they look and sound very similar, are not related at all.


What does "takataka zinazoleka" mean.


It means something like "The trash can be collected" or "The trash can be gathered up". Takataka hizi zinazoleka lakini takataka zile hazizoleki.

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