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Advice for college student wanting to learn both Norwegian and German


For awhile now I have been studying Norwegian casually. I would go on spurts for a month or two of getting daily streaks. Then I would go a couple months of not studying just because I would get caught up in life.

I am now a freshman in college and am required to study a language. I love northern european history and culture, which was one of the reasons I chose to study Norwegian in the first place.

Next semester I am scheduled to study German 101. Should I stop learning Norwegian and just wait until after college to pick it back up? Or is it realistic to study both Norwegian and German at the same time?

August 29, 2017



I think it is possible, they are not too similar (though they do have similarities), so you shouldn't get confused, but it might even help. And I personally, always like to break things up, with stuff I want to learn "just because" not because I have to. It reminds me that I actually like learning and it's not just a chore or for grades etc. and it keeps my brain active and still in a "study mode".

The good thing is no one is setting you a time limit on Norwegian, so you can do it at your own pace and take breaks however long you want or just strengthen a lesson without progressing in the tree, just so you won't forget it. See how it works in your daily life at college, you can always say you'll start up again after college.


I would say to prioritize German, since you're being graded for it, but there's no reason to completely stop Norwegian in the meantime. Once the semester starts you'll be better able to judge what the optimal German/Norwegian ratio is for you. You can always cut back or stop with Norwegian if you find that it's too much.


You have your entire life to learn Norwegian so to me it would seem better to stop for now and learn German to get a good grade then once you no longer need to learn german to pass the class you can start studying Norwegian again


College level foreign language classes are no joke! It's definitely possible to study Norwegian on your own, especially if you allow yourself to go at a slow pace, but there's a chance you might not want to after devoting a whole lot of time and energy into German. It's best to just play it by ear and keep learning Norwegian if you love it and stop if it becomes too overwhelming.

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