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Czech for English speakers: Czech golden owl now on sprites page!

You can czech him out with his trophy friends at http://d7mj4aqfscim2.cloudfront.net/images/owl-sprite22.svg

It looks like the flag is slightly incorrect, though. The part on the left that's draped over Duo's shoulder should be blue, too, not half red/half white.

Historically, the sprites page has been updated with the new trophy a few days before the course is released, so perhaps the current date estimate of September 1 is accurate, and the Czech course will be available on Friday!

August 29, 2017



I am happy to confirm that audio is also present, as are a few extra Incubator gizmos that live courses have.


That is awesome news. I've been doing the "English for Czech speakers" course while you've been developing the reverse, but of course it doesn't teach me how to pronounce any of the Czech words. :)

Many thanks to you and the rest of the team for all your hard work! It's very much appreciated!


And I want to thank the supportive users like you. Wish you the best!


Yay, good news! It's almost time for a Czech Party!!!


My guess is that it will be out on between 1 and 5 september


Good guess. Let's hope Sept. 1


Y'all talking about the flag and you're not celebrating the fact our beloved course is coming out! :D


But that the flag is there means that the course will be out very soon! :)


They are taking some artistic liberties with the flag draping. It's pretty much impossible to get the Greek, Hebrew, Swahili, Catalan, any Scandinavian or the US flag to hang in the depicted way.


Moi! I get not doing narrow stripes or things like stars, but the left-hand edge of the Czech flag is completely blue, so having the red and white stripe over his shoulder seems like a bit too much of a departure from reality to just be an "artistic liberty." :)


Moi :) The Catalan flag has a yellow stripe at the top AND bottom, so I think one end being red is comparable to the Czech situation. As for the narrow stripes, Russian manages three, so you could argue that Swedish and Danish at the very least should manage it even if the Greek cross is forced to be in the middle.


Considering that it would be normal to drape each end of the scarf over the opposite shoulder, practically all the flags ending in different colours are wrong.

You are quite right that this is a truly outrageous shirking of the sacred duty of artistic verisimilitude. If I were a fluorescent green owl with no legs or nostrils and wings far too small to sustain flight, I should surely be mortified to be depicted garbed in such an unrealistic manner!


I just looked at those, and you're completely correct. The Catalan one is really bothering me now. And the way they've done the Russian flag is inconsistent with the rest of the flags that are three horizontal stripes. Strange design choices abound!


The Hebrew one is horrible too. With its blue ends it looks like a solid blue flag with a thin white stripe in the middle. The ends should be white.


Yay! I've been checking every day, but I hadn't seen it yet!


Been patiently waiting since July! I think I'll explode soon!! My new In-laws don't speak any English, this should hopefully be a much needed help!!

So grateful for everyone who contributed.

-Enjoying a Pivo in Prague right now :)


I've been waiting since it hit the incubator, and trying to do the reverse course in the meantime.

Fortunately my in-laws speak enough English to have a conversation with, but I'm hoping this will help me keep up with dinner table conversation! I can tell if they're talking about cats or computers (which, fortunately, is about half the time) but not much more than that.

I'm hoping for Monday but guessing it'll be at least Tuesday, since the Duolingo employees probably have tomorrow off due to the U.S. holiday.


Finally we can be confident it'll be out soon. Děkuji!


dobré zprávy


please open the course tomorrow! i cant wait


Interesting that the Korean one isn't there yet despite the alpha test being live...


I'm so happy to hear the wait is nearly over! I promised myself to focus on learning Swedish and Chinese (not on Duolingo) for now, but I've always had a soft spot for anything Czech, and I try to visit Prague at least once a year, so I'm afraid I will just HAVE to fit the Czech course somewhere into my learning schedule. :-)


I succeeded in Czech and wondered, https://d35aaqx5ub95lt.cloudfront.net/images/owl-trophy-cs.svg why the owl's left side is red/white instead of blue.

So the color mismatch is stll there, one year later.

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