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Need help removing English from languages I'm learning pls

For some reason I'm stuck with English as a language I'm learning and I can't seem to remove it even when I go to settings-learning language-reset/remove languages, it doesn't even appear in my languages when i try to remove it. How can I remove it? Thanks any help is appreciated

August 29, 2017




If you reset the tree it should not show up in the drop down. Though you can only do this when you go to the courses from that language, e.g. English from German/Italian/French etc..


Oh! That's nice to know. I hadn't seen that update to that page. However, does this also remove the course from displaying on a user's profile page?

Removing unintentionally added courses from other base languages from displaying on the profile page is the main thing I'm looking for. People could make a very simple userscript to remove specific courses from being shown in the language drop-down list.


I thought so too but when I checked every reverse tree availible I wasn't registered under any


It looks like the English tree you are on is the English from Italian one. That's the good news...

The bad news: there is sadly no way to remove it from your account. ><;


Unfortunately you can't remove a language that is the only one from a certain base language. So you could add all 8 courses from Spanish but then you could only remove 7 of them.


I think a lot of people would be very happy if Duolingo would simply hide any courses with 0 XP from being shown in their learning languages list, a bit like how they don't show flags next to usernames until you reach level 2.

I wish I could remove English from my account too, since I only clicked the course by accident. (Also I wish I could remove Spanish, but then, if I have only Japanese and Korean remaining, it will no longer even let me access the site, haha...) ^^;


How are you learning Korean when the language isn't out yet?

[deactivated user]

    He/She was chosen as a course tester.


    Oh? I was aware of the first two letters of what you said, but the rest of that is news to me (that "/she" part especially)... :D

    [deactivated user]

      Well I know people have been called to test the Korean course. When I saw your Korean flag I figured it was because of that. The last time I saw a comment of yours you only had the Japanese flag (I promise I'm not a stalker) but I apologize either way if that's not the case. As for the "/she" part, I mean...you're a moogle xD I didn't want to offend anybody ahah.


      Yep. It's a really good course, although it's quite challenging.

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