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Just finished Spanish tree

After 8 months I have finished the Spanish tree. I am still a novice and hope that with continued practice (verbs are the hardest for me) and some local continuing education classes in Spanish I will feel more comfortable and fluent in this beautiful language.

August 29, 2017



Felicitaciones por lo aprendido y por el esfuerzo. Te sugiero que hagas el "árbol inverso", inglés para hablantes de español, creo que te ayudará mucho a crear oraciones en español y a repasar lo aprendido.


Gracias!!! I am so impressed by all the languages you are learning! I struggle with learning just Spanish. I am starting the reverse tree. Thank you for the advice.


Congratulations! Finishing the tree at Level 23 shows that you put a lot of hard work, time and effort into your study. Best wishes for your future studies. :-)


Thank you so much. Sometimes I get discouraged and feel I will never be able to become fluent but words of encouragement keep me hopeful and focused.


Felicitaciones! That is an amazing achievement!


That's awesome! If you want to talk to someone you can reach me, my maternal lenguaje is spanish and i'm practicing my english :)




Gracias! Every word of encouragement means so much!


Congratulations! Must've been a hard journey :)


Buena suerte en tus estudios futuros


Hopefully with more study and practice I will become able to communicate without embarrassment. Your well wishes mean so much. Thank you


I'm happy for you!!!


Gracias! I see you on level 2-keep it up! Sometimes I wanted to throw up my hands because the verbs were so hard and I couldn't (and still can't ) figure out what the heck the sentences meant but nothing good comes easy. Or so I keep telling myself.


high fives :D Well done on finish the Spanish skill tree! It's great that you stuck with it, even during frustrating and confusing parts. Good luck with learning Spanish!

If you're looking for more resources, you can probably find some in the Duolingo Wiki:


Thanks! I will check it out. I really want to learn Spanish and hope to visit Spain where I will be able to really appreciate the language and the people. We are the world!


Gracias! I will check out the resources. Currently I am working on the reverse tree.


Great job! It is amazing that you are able to stay focused for that long.. I have trouble staying focused on thing sometimes. Good luck becoming fluent, with your mindset, I am sure you will!


Thank you so much! I'm not sure it was focus as much as being stubborn.


congratulations! it's great that you finished it! (lucky...i still have a long way to go...but i'll get there someday!)


you will be there before you know it. I so appreciate the encouragement and support from the duolingo family. You are terrific!


thank's JuanitaKas,


Felicitaciones :P


Good job and congratulations! Keep up the good work and keep practicing so you stay fluent! Wish I was where you at right now!


You will be! Love the name sparkle!


Thanks! And I hope to be! If I know me, (I'm pretty certain I do:) I have enough perseverance to fuel a factory! :) What language will you learn next?


Hola! You sound very enthusiastic and I am certain you will do whatever you set your mind to. Eventually (after mastering Spanish) I hope to learn Italian-I understand that it is somewhat similar to Spanish. Or maybe French. My goal is to walk the El Camino de Santiago in Spain. I need an adventure.


You sound adventurous too! Good luck!

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