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Duolingo is my FAVORITE LANGUAGE APP! The only thing that I think needs improved is the fact many people are interested in Sign Language and we don't have it! Some people are worried about how we would learn it in Duolingo, but I think that flash cards would work pretty fine. I really hope you add sign language!

August 29, 2017



I'm just taking a looking at these, and several of the cards are extremely misleading. For example, it's impossible to tell from these that K and P have the same hand shape, several of the signs are rotated from how the recipient would see them, and G looks like a pointing finger instead of having a gap between the thumb and finger like Q. The non-initial variant of X is also absent.

It seems as if someone has simply taken David Rakowski's Gallaudet font, which IMO is not useful for teaching the ASL manual alphabet, and simply created derivative pictograms in Duolingo's design language without any adaptation for the intended purpose.


I would absolutely love for this to happen. However, it would require whole new mechanisms for video content, as you can't really teach ASL grammar with words or static pictures. I'm also not really sure how input for English -> ASL translation exercises would work, though I'm sure something innovative could be figured out.

If this is something Duolingo wants to undertake, there's something I'd absolutely beg of them. If they do this, I'm sure they're going to want to hire an expert in ASL to get started, and if this happens, please, please, please hire a Deaf linguist or language instructor who signs ASL as their first language. Hearing translators and self-professed hearing "experts" on ASL are often not fluent and don't fully understand the nuances of the language, which is depressing when you consider how often they are given jobs over vastly more qualified Deaf signers.


The memrise app currently has a few Sign Language courses if you were looking for something to get you started while you wait for Duolingo to create a course. I haven't tried their ASL courses yet, but have really enjoyed every language course that I've tried so far.


If you want to learn the language instead of individual signs, then flash cards simply won't cut it.


It's a good idea, I'd love to learn sign language. I think I'd take classes though, I don't think I'd be able to learn Duolingo-style, but I'm sure others could. I think it's a shame that there's so many different versions, and most English-speaking countries are separated.



Hi, if you would like to suggest a course on Duolingo, here are instructions on how to do so:


There's tons of languages a lot of people want to learn but they aren't out yet. Hopefully in the future!


Wait...you can do sign language in duolingo? Holy crap...where?!


No, there isn't a course in "sign language"; however, there is a tinycards "course" on the ASL manual alphabet.


wait what?....tiny cards?


thats a cool idea

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