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Upload policy & terminology questions

  • The upload page makes a distinction between "copyrighted content" and "content released under a creative commons license", but Creative Commons licensed works are copyrighted works. The site terms also seem to indicate that free translation is allowed for one's own copyrighted content as long as it's used non-commercially. Shouldn't the second option therefore say "For commercial content" rather than "For copyrighted content"?

  • The site terms say "Any material you submit for translation will be your original work or material owned by you." How does CC fit into that? Is it considered to be "material owned by you"?

  • The terms say "As between us and you, you will own the copyright in any derivative work we create that is a translation of material you submit provided that you do not make or permit any commercial use of the translation." Does that exclude the possibility of submitting, for example, CC-BY-SA content, since the terms of that license require any derivatives to be released under terms permitting commercial use?

March 30, 2014


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