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endless repetition

I've moved rapidly through many lessons, having just completed the Abstract Object lesson (in Italian). My fluency is at 52. But now, instead of moving on, I keep being offered an endless series of practice sessions on Abstract Objects. I make almost no errors and even beat the clock on a timed session, but the program is not moving on to the next level. What's worse, there does not appear to be any definite number of times I need to do this, nor any goal I need to achieve before being allowed access to the next level. What's up? Have I made some error in operating the program?

August 30, 2017



With the health/gems Thomas.Heiss has mentioned, my understanding (with the caveat that I do not have the new health/gems) of how it is supposed to work is that if you get 5 errors in new lessons, the app makes you then do 5 (targeted?) revision lessons. These allow you to restore your health to 5 again, and take a new lesson.

Alternatively you can wait 5 hours for your health to recharge, or can use gems to buy health back.

Generally in the non-health version, when there is a problem with moving on from a skill, you could:

  • Make sure you have done all the lessons in that skill. (If for example the next line of skills had not opened up.)
  • Make sure you have completed all the lessons in all the skills on that line of the course tree. (If for example the next line of skills had not opened up.)
  • Redo each individual lesson in the skill. (If for example the skill was not strengthening enough to allow Strengthen sessions to progress beyond it.)
  • Test out of that skill. (If for example a particular lesson was blocking in a buggy way. Have a dictionary -online or physical- to hand.)
  • Access it in a browser. (If the app seemed at fault, or vice versa in an app if the browser version seemed at fault.) (TellowKrinkle's Safari suggestion is a good one, as is the advice of Thomas.Heiss to access it on a full web interface.)
  • Use a tree shortcut to test out of a few skills at a time. (If none of the above were working. This can be tough though. Have a dictionary to hand.)

I don't have iOS access, so there could be some specific problem/solution I am unaware of, and there could be fewer solutions in the app itself than those I have listed.


You are on IOS (or Android) and you are probably in those annoying A/B test groups for health/gems, aren't you?

Switch to the DuoLingo full web interface on a PC!


thank you. and you are correct. IOS devices here. No PC's. So is there no way out?


Try navigating to the duolingo website in Safari

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