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"De schapen kijken naar het uitzicht."

Translation:The sheep are looking at the view.

August 30, 2017



I am not sure where general comments or queries must be posted -- is there is special forum for such? Despite having been raised by others previously, this issue persists -- I have a problem with the overwhelming number of DutchEnglish (compared to English Dutch) questions throughout this course. I have heard it said that this balance changes as you advance, but it does not. To me, the present balance is both disappointing and a serious shortcoming -- it is almost appears as if the Duo team is more interested in leaning English? I think that the balance should at the very least be 50/50. It could be that I'm barking up the wrong tree and that the purpose of Duo is only to understand Dutch, as opposed to being able to speak and write it as well; if this is the case, then my gripe is groundless and I apologise for raising it.


All the courses tend to have the majority of exercises translating back to the learning from language, which makes sense to a point because it's hard to write in a language you're not familiar with. I do agree that the balance seems to be a little more extreme than usual in the EN->NL course. If you haven't already I'd recommend trying out the reverse course (say that you're a Dutch speaker and choose NL->EN). That way you get to write most of the answers in Dutch. I find that once you've learned the basics that the reverse courses are more productive than the original ones.


Uitstekend idee! I hadn't thought of that.


schaap vs schapen sheep sheeps?


In English sheep is used for the singular (schaap) and the plural (schapen).


Sheeps is not an english word in any dictionary. But yes, schapen is the plural form of sheep.


Why not bekijken?


bekijken is to examine, kijken is to look.


Why not "landscape" instead of "view" ?


Why not "the sheep are looking towards the view"?


The voice leaves off all the "n"s.


Who really knows what sheep are looking at?


Why " The sheep watch the view" incorrect?

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