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Celebrating my 2 year streak and N5 in Japanese

When I first started on Duolingo never would I have expected to reach a one year streak (let alone 2). Seeing as I was able to surpass my own expactations, I decided to celebrate with a couple of sweet virtual owl cookies for anyone who wants some.

The cherry on top of my streak is reaching level N5 in Japanese. I took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test back in July and just found out that I got an A. I think this calls for some dango...

And all of this is thanks to Duolingo for making language learning part of my daily routine. Now let's eat some cookies!

August 30, 2017



Congrats! Well done

Edit: Arigatou for the cookie :)


Thank you, have a cookie!

Edit: どういたしまして


Well done, you should be proud. :) I wanted to learn Japanese when I was younger, like 16, and I brought loads of books that have been under my bed for about 5 years now.


It was similar for me. I had started learning once before but only last year I found the time and will to really start again. Maybe it works for you, too


My mom bought me some "How to" Japanese books for my 22nd birthday. I'm 35 now and just finished one of them. You've still got plenty of time! (I probably know several thousand words in Japanese now)




ありがとう! Have a cookie!


Thanks! Take a cookie! I have to admit I am quite envious of all of your 25s. Do you consider yourself fluent in some of your languages?



I'm learning Japanese with Memrise. I'm waiting for the Duolingo Japanese course on the web platform.


Thanks, grab a cookie! Which memrise courses are you using? I'm also looking forward to the web release but mostly to the tips and notes.


Congrats on your two years!


Thanks! Have a cookie. It will give you the stength and endurance to reach 4 years!

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