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streak freeze?

Can you use streak freeze one day and then the next day you could use it again?

August 30, 2017



If you mean can you buy another one the next day then yeah. I've done it for 4 days in a row when I was camping and had really poor signal. But one alone only lasts for the day/24h.


This is what has been true for me as well. And as far as I can see in the lingot store is still true for me.

Whether this is true for everyone may be another matter. Not all user experiences on Duolingo are the same.


It may be that you are using a different system but even mods have commented before and said it takes 24 hours to work, otherwise you could just buy them for weeks straight and have a streak without doing any work


Considering it's 10L a go you wouldn't last too long, unless you've saved tonnes and in that case you deserve it lol.


I could keep a streak for 200 days with no work if this was true, which is precisely why they don't do this on the web / android anyway I wouldn't know about ios


I'm on web Android too, maybe they updated it and didn't make an announcement. Should be same rules across platforms anyway because it'd be unfair.

Congrats on having 2000 lingots too what the hell I have 144 hahah


You can buy another one the next day. It will not keep your streak because they need to brought 24 hours before needed to work.


I've done it 5 days in a row with no problems, buying the streak freeze a couple hours before midnight.


I've lost several big streaks and had several streaks saved by the "freeze". I only wish the restriction on time purchased would just go away. We could buy our entire vacation if needed. :)


Nope, They only activate 24 hours after you buy them

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