"Have you come to my house before?"

Translation:Sīrgō ñuho lentot umāzitā?

August 30, 2017

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i just discovered in the wiki that the perfect of umāzigon is umāstan! so apparently we did it wrong all the time...


It's more probable that the wiki is wrong since the course is made by the creator of the language and the wiki does not provide a source for that irregular conjugation.


I agree that the wiki should be considered incorrect - while Dedalvs could make a mistake in a single sentence, there are many examples of umāzitan and its fellows. However, the perfect stem of māzigon is mast-, which was known since 2013. I think that predates the Duolingo course. Since umāzigon is derived from māzigon, it was a reasonable assumption that they would have similar perfects - in fact, it's more interesting that they apparently don't!

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