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Just in Time! Cómo usar JUST en inglés

Just puede ser un adverbio (palabra que dice cómo o cuándo algo sucede) con muchos significados en inglés. Aquí hay algunos ejemplos comunes.

significado ejemplos
un corto tiempo
atrás recientemente
We just started dinner.
Recién comenzamos la cena.
Pam just left.
Pam recién se fue.
ahora o muy pronto I’ll be there in just a minute.
Llegaré en solo un minuto.
We’re just starting the meeting.
Justo estábamos comenzando la reunión.
exactamente This dress is just what I was looking for.
Este vestido es justo lo que estaba buscando.
You look just like your mother.
Luces tal como tu madre.
solo I just want one piece of pizza.
Solo quiere una porción de pizza.
These are just some initial ideas.
Estas son solo algunas ideas iniciales.
igualmente Mary’s just as tall as her sister.
Mary es tan alta como su hermana.
I like the pie just as much as the cake.
Me gusta la tarta justo tanto como el pastel.
un poco I phoned him just after you left.
Lo llamé justo después que te fuiste.
This phone costs just under $300.
El teléfono costó un poco debajo de $300.

¡Practiquemos! What have you just started? Who do you look just like? Can you write an example sentence with JUST?

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August 30, 2017

22 comentarios


I just started to practice with Duolingo today


Es de mucha ayuda, y a la vez me siento muy feliz por haber subido al nivel 22 en el inglés


Muchas gracias espero continuar avanzando


hola e subido a nibel 4


Yesterday, I walked into a store and the guy sitting behind the cash register didn't look well. I asked, "are you not feeling well, or just tired?". "Just tired", he replied and smiled. Aqui "just" funciona como "solo".


Did they miss a situation, where they could possibly say "for emphasis", as above someone said, "just do it" and I looked, and that use wasn't covered. What would it fall under?


Maybe the reason its a good slogan is because it could fall under several of the uses, which means more people can possibly identify with it. I can see "ahora y muy pronto", "exactamente", "solo" and "un poco" as possible meanings. What do you think?

I just thought of a new one what about: Just? Do it. Where just works like justice.


Well, I'm not quite sure. I guess "now" would work, but not "very soon", "a little" "only", or "simply." I think the meaning is different from any of these, because the person wasn't saying "now do it" they were saying "just -- do it" if that makes sense. I don't know what word we could substitute in there.

You are right on your last point, that needs to be added.


sings to self... "I wish it was Sunday, cause that's my Funday..."


I don't have to run day...


I want just a little work


m parece una tonteria discutir


The book is just as good as the movie. ¿El as se podría cambiar por "like"? Así: The book is just as good like the movie. ¿Se podría?


En ese fraso, "like" y "as" no son los mismos y no decimos "the book is just as good like the movie". Se puede decir "the book is good like the movie" pero eso no es exactamente lo mismo. (Espero que mi español es correcto, soy fluida en inglés pero no en español)

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