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how can I progress to the next level?

how can I progress to the next level? the programme won't let me unlock the next chapters even though I completed the previous ones? thank you

August 30, 2017



just tr getting further and further, and doing well, but actually to me levels aren't really important. Just try your best in your languages.


indeed but I can't move to the next chapters they won't open


after level 2 I cannot open any other chapters


You need to have enough XP.


Completing lessons will unlock new skills. You need to finish each lesson in a skill before it will unlock the next chapters. Earning XP by practicing and learning new skills will increase your level. If you want to know how many XP you need to reach the next level you can go to your profile and next to each language it shows you how many XP you have earned and how many you need to reach the next level. If you have finished all the skills available and it still doesn't open the next lessons you probably want to repost your question in the trouble shooting forums.

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