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Hourglass (or something) needed in Android app during strength recalc

So, I finally figured out a big part of the problem with the Duolingo android app- after completion of a lesson, Duolingo needs some time, literally 2 minutes or more, to recalculate the words list, at which point it will give you new "weakest words" or turn gold. Unfortunately, it gives you no indication that it is recalculating at that point, and you may not realize it, either, and start a do over with the same words. Furthermore, if you exit the app it appears that the progress on the lesson MAY be lost.

There is still another big issue with the app apparently not polling with enough frequency to find out when data services become available. This is a problem in its own right, but also greatly exacerbates the above issue, because it can stretch the above issue from a couple of minutes to something much longer.

I'm heading to Italy tomorrow, and will try to re-strengthen as much as I can on the plane as the finale of my study. It's pretty clear that I will need to buy wifi, but I am not optimistic about how it will work even then. I guess I will find out. Also not optimistic about my Italian skills but what the heck, it was fun trying to see what I could do with it.

I would gladly pay a subscription to Duolingo if they would fix the severe problems with it- I spend a lot of time commuting, and I try to make use of the time, but the flaws have convinced me it is not presently worth any money. When I get back, I will be looking for a Mandarin course- my fiancée is Chinese American- and Duolingo does not have the most common language in the world (after English- debateable, I know- Mandarin is actually only sometimes the first language in China- besides Cantonese there are regional languages).

August 30, 2017


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