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Highest fluency you've reached?

What's the highest fluency percentage you have for any of your languages? Even French I'm only at 61%. I know the fluency metrics are not exatcly known, but I'm just curious about the highest you've achieved.

August 30, 2017



53% in German where I have a handful of skills left before I finish the tree. 54% in Swedish which is my native language and I've just tested out of the tree.


I've just today reached 19% fluent in French, I'm very proud of myself but miss the occasional word here and there. I'm beginning to better understand the words as I read them aloud and I am able to translate the words very quickly in my head; as I am very fond of words! Tee-hee! (=


57%. On an official post I read that "it maxes out at 60%".


56%. And I've seen the same. Since it's not actual fluency they didn't want to mislead by telling people they're 80/90/100 percent fluent when they're clearly not.


Yeah I think it's well known that the fluency meter is not a reflection of actual fluency. I asked because my highest has always been 60 and it went up, so something changed.


63% on the french tree being there consistently starting about level 24. But in reality, no where near that - especially when it comes to actually speaking and listening to a live person - which is why I am trying an immersion in France in mid-September. I would note that I am doing a reverse tree (learning english as if I were a french speaker). I tested out a lot of it as english is my native language and have reached level 14. I only have a fluency rating of 66% at this time, no doubt because of the french portions of the program (which I find more advanced than a lot in the french program). I'm curious to find out how I will end up. At the same time however, I'm not sure I have the drive to get to level 25 on the English tree as the program primarily prepares one for reading a language. My next step is to really focus on listening to and speaking french by finding partners to practice with, watching television and movies and listening to music because the spoken language is really quite different than the written. Don't get me wrong. Duo is a great program. Without it, I would not be anywhere near being prepared for this next phase. (By the way, I am impressed at how many languages you are doing!)


Your reply is most helpful and I am in full agreement with your observations. I have a home in France, spend mostly 8 months a year here. Duolingo has CERTAINLY improved my vocabulary, and my reading skills sharply. I can make myself understood well enough to get by, BUT in understanding the language spoken by French people Duolingo has had almost no effect unless they speak TRES TRES lentement. I will try doing your reverse French learning English and see how it goes. Thanks again, Merci bien ... Brian


The reverse trees are very helpful! I don't keep them up but I've found it to be great practice- good tip! Also 66% is perhaps the highest I've heard.


30% in French.


63% in a tree I tested out of


I am 62% . I have enough lingots to do a test, but I don't see it offered anymore! How can I get a test???

  • open discussion browser
  • click F12 on keyboard
  • console page will be opened
  • click the "console" corner -write: duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"];
  • a responce will come: ["^.+"];
  • shift to home page of your language from the same browser
  • click lingot store
  • the blue icon of the test will appear below
  • buy for 25 lingots


I believe my highest was about 50% before I restarted my French tree when I completed it. It's only 41% now.


I reached 65%, [French] but have slipped back to 63%; Je suis triste


You go Glen Coco!


i finished my french tree and kept it golden for about six months and i am still stucked at 43%


I did not get stuck at any stage, but went back and started over working through, not just strengthening , I found this worked better than staying with the higher level subjects. My target was level 25 at 65%, once I got there I was happy.


I just hit 66% in French. I am a god.

(I can't even read a children's book in french)


Read my post from 3 months ago for tips on how to improve even more. Good start but you have just begun. I am now at 71% in French and 77% English on the reverse tree and still feel at best a low intermediate level. The fluency ratings here are more an indication of how well you are doing in the course rather than real fluency. Many children's books by the way carry some rather advanced grammar so do not let that discourage you. Keep practicing and above all try to get some listening and speaking work in. Only by that will your speed improve to where you might have more than basic sentences in a conversation. My immersion this past September helped me tremendously.


I´m mexican. my english is 79% fluent in D.

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