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High School Credits

I am using Duolingo for a credit in my last year of high school. (I am homeschooled) Is there any way I can print a report or overview of the language I am learning that would be suitable for my portfolio?

August 30, 2017



The only thing I could think of is either to take a screenshot of your profile to show how much xp you have or to zoom out really far so you can see how far you have made it through the tree and screenshot that


I didn't know that Duolingo could be considered a language credit for homeschoolers, so that is very interesting to know! I agree with Quinn that a screenshot of elements that shows your progress will do, like the amount of xp... The only thing with xp is that the amount you have doesn't always represent your proficiency, or at least your level of understanding of a language. If we're thinking in terms of a physical classroom, a person who typically gets an A or B in a class is most likely someone who has deep knowledge of the taught subject. You can do a lot of work, but you may not have the best understanding. It's the same with xp, though, a flaw in my argument is that people can cheat their way into getting high grades, like how people can use online translations constantly for Duolingo... But, I'm just making things more complicated. In all honesty, I think the amount of xp and your tree progress will be enough. If all fails, a proficiency test could indicate your knowledge of a language.


I am homeschooled myself, and this is what I use for Foreign Languages.

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