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Redoing from beginning...

I have finished all the lessons and want to start over to refresh my memory. Am I wrong or is the basics changed to a more advanced level if you start from the beginning? And is there a way to know where you left off?

March 11, 2013



If you only do every lesson once, you get all the new words but not all the expressions and sentences. I often notice that I get new phrases in practice sessions. I don't think there have been any major changes.

Take it easy. If you forgot something, you'll refresh it, and if you didn't know something, you'll learn it.

By the way, if you ask me, I wouldn't say redoing Basics is any good when you've finished the entire course. It would be much more useful to do translations or to practise your new skills in reading and communicating. The most common words are very often repeated in any materials, so you won't have a chance to forget them if you choose to read, for instance.


Thank you olimo...I have thought about that and agree that doing the basics over is counterproductive. I had more interest in going over the tenses as I was having problems with the imparfait and the conditionnelle. What I did do is set up another account and I am testing through quickly just to see how far I've come. BTW, it is quite different from when I did it before...maybe only in the format. I have been writing in French to relatives and to a penpal in Alsace. I need to practice speaking more, and that will take a patient listener. I will get that chance this summer in St. Pierre off Newfoundland...fingers crossed. I have also done all the courses in Babbel.com, so it is more about my confidence now. I just hope all this work is paying off. Again, I appreciated your comment. Didn't mean to have such a long-winded reply : (


Has anyone actually tried to do this? I've noticed that when I choose to redo some lessons (instead of practising), the sessions do seem to be a little advanced in relation to the first time I took them, but that's not how I practice normally, so I don't know for sure. I was thinking about redoing the Italian tree once I'm halfway through, so I was wondering if anyone can offer some newer insight. I've noticed this thread goes about 3 months back. Thanks!

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