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European Union can't contribute

I've just discovered in the small print (terms & conditions) that nobody is allowed to contribute new material from within the EU. Since I'm learning European languages I wonder how much this limits the accuracy and currency of the content. No doubt there are some legal issues, some dispute between US and European Union, but it does undermine my confidence in what I'm learning. (Italian French German) What do others think?

August 30, 2017



I think this clause was connected with the Immersion tab which allowed users to post web pages for translation but this has now been withdrawn so your concerns are probably unfounded.


Woah! That's a lot of upvotes!


I thought this only applied to the (now removed) Immersion feature.


That's correct.


The legal issues, incidentally, had nothing to do with relations between the U.S. and the E.U. As I understand it, they had to do with using volunteers to create work for which the organization was paid and/or copyright. (I've seen both at different times and they're both plausible.)

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