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"Il cibo dello squalo è il pesce."

Translation:The shark's food is fish.

March 11, 2013



I pesci sono amici non cibo.


"Ciao, io sono Bruce"


Nemo reference!!! Made my day


Amici = Friends


Amici means friends!




Under "dello" is lists "for", so why can't I say "The food for the shark is the fish?"


A noun followed by the "del" preposition and then another noun implies a contraction. "The food for the shark is the fish" would be "Il cibo per lo squalo è il pesce", not "il cibo dello squalo".


i wrote "the food from the shark is fish", wouldn't it be "il cibo di squalo e il pesce" if it was "the shark's food is fish"?


When "di" is combined with the articles "il, lo, la, gli, i" the results "del, dello, della, degli, dei or delle" can have one of two roles. They can express an indefinite quantity like some (Io mangio delle mele), or ownership like of the (il cane delle ragazze). Source: Duolingo

my comment: No, because, ownership is stated here, as "di+lo = dello" which, means "of the" not "from the" "Il cibo dello squalo è il pesce." - "The food of the shark is the fish." I hope it make sense.

[deactivated user]

    I wrote "the food for the shark is the fish" and it said I was correct.


    It's not accepting "the food for the shark is fish" - which is absolutely equivalent to yours.

    "The shark's food is fish" is certainly better English, but given how often Duo wants the wording to be as given, whether or not it'd flow better another way...


    Il cibo per i squali = The food for the sharks - and it also translates as 'shark food'


    This app was going great till prepositions. They need a clear lesson. This has more to do with sentence structure than it does word translation! Basically from what i get, food of the aka cibo dello ....translates into a 3rd person possesive not really a preposition. This is just catagorized all wrong. This should have been taught with il mio etc.......


    We do need a lesson on sentence structure


    At the beginning of the lesson there is a hint (under 'explain') that explains this. All the information needed to do these lessons is here, as long as one takes the time to read them.

    " Some and 's When di is combined with the articles il, lo, la, gli, i the results del, dello, della, degli, dei or delle can have one of two roles. They can express an indefinite quantity like some (Io mangio delle mele), or ownership like of the (il cane delle ragazze). "


    I use an android app and I haven't seen that, is it something specific to desktop or ios app?


    Yes, the site is way better than the phone as it has far more options. But I guess you´ve already figured that out by now


    i wrote "shark food is fish." i mean shark's food is fish makes sense i guess. but when we say are talking about dog food in english we don't say "dog's food is kiblets" we just say "dog food is kiblets"


    The algorithm of the program recognizes that "the food of the shark" is the same thing as "the shark's food" , but not all nouns can be used as adjectives to describe the same thing and the program cannot know which will work. For example, "the dog of the boy" is the same as "the boy's dog", but "the boy dog" could be misinterpreted as meaning "the male dog" and would not be used. Try reporting "shark food" as an alternate.


    This happened to me as well. I agree that "shark food" sounds more natural in English.


    "The food of shark is fish" is considered wrong. Why is the article 'of THE shark' nesseccary?


    That's an English thing - you can't say "the food of shark" though I can't tell you technically why


    Most singular nouns require an article in english, at least in these cases.

    Of the shark, of a shark are both doable. Sharks would be fine without the article.


    Nouns in English usually have to have articles (the or a/an) before them. The exceptions would be when you are talking about a group of things generally, which is when you would use plural, not singular. E.g. "The food of sharks is fish" "The weakness of men is alcohol".


    I don't understand why do we have to put the article "il" before pesce in this exercise? I wrote : il cibo dello squalo è pesce and it is wrong!!!


    The article "il" is used also to indicate a category or species, in which case English would not use the article "the". http://italian.about.com/od/grammar/a/italian-definite-articles.htm


    A good rule of thumb is that the article is always used in Italian. I haven't got a clue why, though.


    this has probably been discussed on another lesson with this issue, but is there a specific rule for when to use "il/la", in this case before the "pesce"? I figured fish was a general term so it wasn't needed, but I got it wrong.


    It is disturbing that if you hit a wrong key you can' t get bsck


    I swear the audio only exercises purposely try to hide words.


    Guys dont pollute the ocean,protect it


    The general rule is that the possessive of a singular noun is formed by adding an apostrophe and s, whether the singular noun ends in s or not. The possessive of a plural noun is formed by adding only an apostrophe when the noun ends in s, and by adding both an apostrophe and s when it ends in a letter other than s.

    It is shark's/sharks' food


    the translation above is not the one given in the answer---how confusing. the one given in the lesson just doesn't make any sense!!


    We really DO need a lesson on sentence structure, huh? If only Duolingo provided that :( Anyway, a noun followed by a preposition and then another noun implies a contraction, making "il cibo dello squalo" into "the shark's food". If you wanted to say "the food for the shark", it would be "il cibo per lo squalo" instead.


    What did you see in the lesson? I put "The shark's food is fish." and it was marked correct and no alternate was given to me and here it is at the top of the page. Perhaps there was a different answer and it has been corrected?


    Why doesn't the shark's food is the fish work?


    Hmmm... I am not a native English, but I think that if you use "the fish" it sounds like the food of the shark is a specific fish, and not fish in general.

    While in Italian the meaning is "the food of the shark (as a species) is fish (any generic fish)".


    "e il" sounds so much like "al", i suppose the context makes the correct one obvious though, so no complaints, just an observation about language learning, gotta pay attention to context, cause many times the audio is hard to pick apart.


    So, dello functions like "de" in Spanish, right? The food of the shark is fish.


    Yes, except if it isn't combined with a definite article. If it's alone, it's "di", or d' if before a vowel


    What's the diference between "de" and "di"?


    thank you for the information but i know


    They've not seen Jaws then.


    "Il cibo dello squalo sono i pesci" would imply that the shark eats more than one fish?


    il pesce is about fish as an uncountable group that make up sharks' menu, not how many.


    I put "the food for the shark is fish" and it was marked wrong. How is that not the same as "the shark's food is fish", especially since my sentence is a literal, word for word translation?


    it isn't a literal word for word translation. "il cibo per lo squalo è il pesce." is word for word for your sentence. https://www.wordreference.com/iten/dello


    Ibthink i see the difference between "Il cibo per lo squalo è il pesce" and "the shark's food is the fish"


    I wish they would cut you some slack with il and un. Sometimes really hard to hear, and is it that important after all?


    It is an awkward sentence and no english speaker would say that. 'Fish is shark's food' would be the best translation though one is tempted to say 'Sharks eat fish' as an even better option. It's a case where the word per word translation feels unnatural.


    DL are giving you lessons to correctly use Italian grammar.


    DL struggles with English. It corrected my 'sharks' with 'shark's' as in 'shark is'!


    I wrote , the food of shark is fish....should be considered correct,No?


    It is technically correct, but a strange way for it to be put in English. In English, we almost always say "the owner's object" rather than "the object of the owner." Both are correct, but saying the latter will get you strange looks from native speakers.


    Why is " the food for the shark is the fish" wrong?


    Dello is “of the” not “for the”. The literal translation is “The food OF the shark is fish” or “The shark’s food is fish. “


    Maybee a leg of a diver, so it isn't only fish.


    Its a more literal translation but should "the food for the shark is the fish" not be accepted?


    When would you ever use that sentence?


    probably never. but you will often use the form of this sentence. and that's the point.


    Not in June 2019


    I answered "The food of sharks is fish." Is there a reason that was not accepted?


    "dello squalo" is "of the shark", singular.

    "of the sharks", plural, would be "degli squali"


    What is wrong with "the fish is shark's food"?


    It's terrible English.

    "Fish is the shark's food", yes, or "Fish is shark food"


    I don't think so. I'm English. But Duo apparently agrees with you. :)


    that isn't the sentence on offer. the subject is 'the food' not 'the fish'. there is a reason that sentences have subjects. the subject is what is being talked about. it may be the important center of whatever conversation is going on, italians know what they are talking about and can easily formulate your sentence if that is what they want. (il pesce è il cibo dello squalo.) didn't happen here.


    I am not a native speaker but why not "feed" instead of "food"?


    Give me a break. A loss for a S? Really?


    Why is "Il cibo dello squalo è pesce" wrong?


    Fish is the food for the shark" is a wrong answer because....?


    Sometimes this woman is extremely difficult to understand at any speed.


    "Shark food" not an acceptable idiomatic translation.


    I put "The food of a shark is fish" and it was marked wrong. I know it's not flowing English but quite a lot of the answers are not...


    Food is for people feed is for animals


    why we need def article per favore DuoLingua???


    'il' is not offered twice


    the food for sharks is fish


    Why wouldn't "The food of sharks is fish" be correct?

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