"Sȳz hontes iksā."

Translation:You are a good bird.

August 30, 2017

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What did you just call me?


How do we type out the special characters? (E.g. Syz or iksa)


If you don't have access to the buttons for the special characters on the screen, you can type double letters (so yy for ȳ and aa for ā).


It depends on the keyboard layout. I am on linux and in settings there is map of any chosen keyboard layout, I don't know where it is in windows. When I look at English US keyboard I don't see any way how to write those. On English Britain I can write āōȳūī using shift+right (alt gr)+ "minus sign" nothing happens and than just pres the letter a and you get ā. You actually say ¯a and it "composes it together" to ā. so look for ¯ in keyboard layout maps. hope you understood something :D

also, ¯n doesn't work because it doesn't exist, it is actually ñ shown differently. you can try copying somewhere else, it will show ñ, only in duolingo it shows ¯. on english britain layout you supercompose ~ on n, ~ is right alt+]


Why is the last syllable of iksā stressed?


It's not stressed: It's long. Hopefully now that audio has been added you can hear the difference!

Stress is not marked in High Valyrian, because most of the time it's predictable. The only time is unpredictable is in commands (always stressed on the last syllable), and conjunctive lengthening (always stressed on the lengthened syllable).


because it's the second person singular form of "sagon" (=to be), meaning "you are". cf. http://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Verb_Tables#sagon.


Varys zȳha hontī majaqas.


Is anyone have problems with their audio


There is now audio in the course!


Wait is their supposed to be audio?


There is now audio in the course!

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